January 2018


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The SAM interview with Kelly Pawlak, NSAA's new president and CEO.

Olympian Teamwork

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A behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the companies that laid the groundwork.

SAM is launching a new leadership development program called the SAM Summit Series. This article highlights the first session in the program on the topic of Management Skills, led by advisors Jody Churich and Bill Jensen. For more information about the program click here.

Lift Business Ramps Up

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By almost any measure, 2017 was one of the most notable years for lift installation in the past decade.

Going Big on Mini Golf

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Really? Yes. Mini golf demonstrates the truism that anything worth doing is worth doing well—even extremely well.

Rental Buyer's Guide 2018-19

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SAM's annual review of the latest trends in products and programs for the alpine and snowboard rental business.

Idea Files :: January 2018

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The best idea of 2017, plus de-icing solutions for chairs and comm lines.

 As harassment revelations topple leaders across a wide swath of industries, we must assess our own business culture.

On the Road :: January 2018

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Fall consumer shows, Cutter's Camp Refresher, Killington World Cup

News & Views :: January 2018

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Terrain park contest winners, NASTAR's golden year, crowdfunding, etc.

Events: What's the Value?

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Hosting events, especially in summer, can have a bunch of benefits.Hosting events, especially in summer, can have a bunch of benefits.

A Wise Target Market

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Get ’em while they last: senior skiers remain an attractive and lucrative demographic.

Rethinking Achievement

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Rewarding kids for good grades is a no brainer, but are we missing an opportunity to do more?

Do you have a non-binary bathroom?

DIY Lift Inspection

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Conduct your own predictive maintenance inspections that don’t cost a fortune or require an outside contractor.

How Effective is Your Staff?

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Engage frontline employees in the guest experience to drive more visits and greater revenue.